Emerging Answers For Establishing Crucial Criteria For Car Diffuser

May 30, 2017

car diffuser

Even with such broad changes to the regulations, the areas where teams can add performance are actually fairly limited. The changes largely affect aero and tyres, so it's the bodywork and suspension that will be the key areas to find an advantage. Every team has spent the winter developing new bodywork and hoping the targets and results they have set themselves are higher than their rivals to give them a competitive advantage. Paranoia and a high rate of development is prevalent in F1, so the cars launched will not show all the details of the designs. Teams will launch their real cars, but some parts will be simple versions of what they will start testing with, some may be modified from last year's car, and some will be missing completely until the cars hit scrutineering in Australia. This makes making real judgements on the car tricky, but the photos and computer 3D renders used at launches will still, at their heart, be the real thing. Likely traits for the new cars will be ever longer wheelbases and an even steeper angle of rake, although changes to these may not be immediately obvious unless compared to the old cars. It's a common misconception in F1 that a long-wheel base leads to barge-like slow steering, but in fact it purely has an aero effect. Longer wheelbases create more space to direct the air along the car and this year the bodywork rules encourage longer wheelbases to package bargeboards into the space between the front wing and sidepods, so this will be a popular route. Likewise, the move to a nose-down tail-up attitude, known as a rake, will be even more pronounced for many teams. car diffuser Running the car with a steep rake angle creates more downforce from the front and in particular the diffuser, with the compromise being a raised centre of gravity and the challenge of sealing the large gap between the car and track.

car diffuser

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